Transfer agent

Stock Transfer is the Core of Our Business Professional expertise creative technologies = customized share management solutions.

As a full-service brick and mortar transfer agent with a comprehensive range of software solutions, we’ll provide the exact stock transfer service you need at the best value. We can provide the following services to Issuers of privately and publicly traded stock:



Transfer agent

• New issuances of paper or book-entry certificates
• Stock transfers (custodial/sale transfers, retirement, conversion)
• Maintenance of shareholder registration
• Full digital storage of transaction records
• Dividend processing & distribution
• Balance management & authorized shares enforcement
• Replacement of lost stock certificates
• Corporate Actions (name change, stock splits, mergers, mass conversions/retirements)
• DWAC & DRS services
• Accessible and transparent proxy and mailing service
• Fast and friendly customer service: online, over the phone and face to face.
• 24-hour access so you can view, organize, export and analyze your data

• Free online access for Shareholders
• Mailings to Shareholders
• Proxy Tabulation & Certification
• Dividend Disbursement
• Initial & Secondary Stock Offerings
• Stock splits, Tenders, Mergers and Exchanges
• Reg-S 144 restricted stock re-certification
• Account Management
• Inspection of Elections
• Annual Meeting Support
• Prompt Stock Option Exercises
• Direct Registration Investment Programs
• Fast/DWAC, and DRS Processing
• Proxy Voting Online


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